Digital Media Marketing – In-House or Hire Out?

Digital Media Marketing – In-House or Hire Out?

Digital media marketing requires innovation and creativity along with a thorough knowledge of all of the digital media platforms in order to increase traffic to your website. Many small businesses do not have the capital to justify the salary for a full-time Marketing Directory, which averages around $122,000 per year according to  So how can a small business compete with with investor-rich competitors?  The answer is to outsource.  We are not talking about sending your marketing department over to a foreign country.  There are plenty of digital marketing agencies in the U.S. that deliver results at a fraction of what you would pay to bring in-house.  Digital marketing offers a way of reducing advertising costs, targeting a wider client base and improving customer interaction. The key is to make sure you …

Why Lawyers, and Other Professionals Need to Have a Website

Personal Branding for  Professionals –  You Need to Have a Website

By Michael Haley



Websites for Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and Financial Advisers Are the Foundation to Personal Branding

Websites for lawyers, financial advisers, real estate agents, insurance reps and other reputation-based industries are essential. Owning a personal website is the best way to establish image control and gain an edge in your chosen field.

Your own website serves as a critical digital marketing tool. A professional’s website works tirelessly to promote your qualifications and services.  Imagine the sophistication you earn by promoting your name dot com. That link on your business card, your email footer and your resume shows your commitment to your profession, and attracts qualified clients.

Try a Google query of your name. Naturally, no one can …

Why Small Businesses Need a Marketing Calendar


Marketing can be a complicated affair. To make effective use of the many marketing strategies and components, one must first plan them out. A marketing calendar is the best way to organize your marketing activity. It also serves as a working document that one can revise and also update throughout the year. It helps you stay consistent and organized in implementing your plans.

A marketing calendar will highlight a list of events that a business is intended to promote product efficiency with a strategy of increasing profits. To get you motivated to take that step and make one for your business, here are a few benefits. Helps you spread out your activities

On your marketing calendar you will visually see when and what events you have lined up. If …

Social Media Marketing – Why Your Business Should Be Doing It

Why Your Business Needs Help With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has considerably changed the landscape of online marketing.   Businesses that have already invested in it can attest to the positive returns. Using social media to market to your customers has broken down communication barriers and now businesses can reach their prospects and customers like never before. It’s true, everyone can do social media, but don’t confuse sharing a post on Facebook or Instagram of your companies potluck as social media marketing.  There must be a clearly defined strategy to maximize social media marketing.  It’s more about promoting your brand’s story using today’s most popular and cost-effective media. Businesses that seek to navigate the complexities of social media typically benefit from services provided by a digital marketing agency. …

Why Online Reviews are So Important for Small Businesses

Over 70% of People Trust Online Reviews Why does your business needs online reviews?

In the last 15 years of helping small businesses develop effective lead generation strategies, one channel of leads never fails to convert to the most sales, the word of mouth referral.  So why does the word of mouth referral work so well and how does it translate to online reviews?  It all boils down to the power of “transferred trust”.  Common sense tells us that most people prefer to purchase goods or services based on a recommendation from someone they trust or view as an authority, but on the flipside rarely does someone purchase something from someone or an organization they do not trust.  This is why we preach the importance of online reviews.