Marketing Your App on Social Media

The world of app creation and marketing is a crowded one – each month, approximately 60,000 new apps are added to the Apple’s iOS App Store, while Google’s Play Store adds about 25,000 new apps monthly.

So, how to you make sure your new app gets discovered?

By marketing your app on social media, of course. After all, your target audience is already connected to the Internet (otherwise, they wouldn’t be looking for an app, right?), and social media lets you promote your app quickly and effectively.

Here’s a quick primer to get your social media app marketing campaign started:

Develop Your Message

The first step in any marketing campaign is brand development; what’s your app about, who’s it targeted towards, and most of all, why should users care? Build your brand by writing lots of content; tweets, blog posts, Facebook updates. Social media users expect to be entertained and engaged – you’ll need a steady supply of current, interesting content to keep their attention.

Hit ALL The Social Media Platforms

When marketing your app on social media, you can’t afford to just target Facebook, or Twitter, or Google+; you need to establish and maintain an active presence on all the most-used social media platforms. If you plan on marketing your app on social media using just a single feed, you’ll come across as sloppy, unconnected and disinterested.

Recruit Influencers

If you want your social media marketing campaign to really take off, you’ll need to extend your reach beyond your own circle of friends, family and acquaintances. Recruit social media influencers to feature your app on their blog, Youtube channel or their own social media feeds in order to maximize your reach and help your content go ‘viral’. This is where the real social media ‘buzz’ happens.

Also, you should reach out to prominent bloggers who you’ve identified as being relevant to your particular niche market. Ask them to provide your app with a review on their blog; if that doesn’t work, be prepared to invest a significant amount of time writing and pitching guest blogs to bloggers and website owners. You’ll find that while a site might not want to write about your app, they are happy to let you write a blog post for them (for free) that they’ll post on their site.

Actively Manage Your Social Media Feeds

Marketing your app on social media isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it job; social media users expect ongoing engagement through comments, replies and updates. Plan on checking each of your social media feeds numerous times throughout the day; this involves reading every comment, monitoring shares, likes and re-tweets, and replying to comments, questions and concerns. Address any negativity or complaints right away – things move quickly on social media, and failing to respond immediately to any problems can be disastrous for your app.

If marketing your app on social media sounds too time consuming, too complicated or just downright unappealing, we can help. Here at M & M Multimedia, social media marketing is what we do. We can promote your app, manage your social media feeds and build ‘buzz’ around your brand, leaving you to do what you do best: design amazing apps.