Digital Media Marketing – In-House or Hire Out?

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Digital media marketing requires innovation and creativity along with a thorough knowledge of all of the digital media platforms in order to increase traffic to your website. Many small businesses do not have the capital to justify the salary for a full-time Marketing Directory, which averages around $122,000 per year according to  So how can a small business compete with with investor-rich competitors?  The answer is to outsource.  We are not talking about sending your marketing department over to a foreign country.  There are plenty of digital marketing agencies in the U.S. that deliver results at a fraction of what you would pay to bring in-house.  Digital marketing offers a way of reducing advertising costs, targeting a wider client base and improving customer interaction. The key is to make sure you hire an agency that takes the time to understands your market, and develops strategic campaigns, then tracks the results.  Anyone can learn digital media marketing techniques, but it takes experience and digital wisdom to know what should be employed and what should be shelved.   You can start by categorizing into two main tactics, Push and Pull.

The Push techniques (outbound marketing messages) should include a blend of mobile messaging, voice, text, video, email, website updates and social media. The Pull techniques are designed to attract users to take action and generate a lead without “pushing”.  This should combine a mix of content marketing, rich with keyword strategy, blog articles, and social sharing of the content, along with some Pay Per Click and Social Media Ads which should be expertly structure to achieve increased traffic.

Digital media development scheme revolves around ensuring that top notch marketing strategies are utilized in being able to map a business in the face of the potential market. Digital media marketing with a hint of web development involves blog and content strategies coupled with video production which will drive clips and marketing concepts. The face of digital media marketing is focused on targeting the platforms that the target audience are tuned to utilize. This involves social media, emails, blogs and user Apps on mobile platforms. Social media has massively revolutionized the digital marketing niche with platforms like Facebook and Instagram emerging as high traffic zones.

Digital media development is a strategy that aims at ensuring higher rankings on Search Engine Results Page and increasing traffic to business websites. It is all about Search Engine Optimization and an increase in establishing linkages that will build traffic and direct it to relevant pages. When thinking of digital media marketing, clear strategies are often the key to getting the desired response and this is where the management of popular media platforms comes into play. Utilizing spaces like Instagram, YouTube channels and optimized mobile websites serves as a perfect approach that builds traffic while attracting sales with the same intensity.

The web development and marketing solutions that effectively transform a business are those that not only attract potential clients but provide an avenue for client education. This is point where blogs and links come into play. The best forms of digital marketing when looking at business and product development are creation of landing pages and AdWords utilization. Landing pages ensure a business can create a sourced page where information about products and services can be easily retrieved when potential clients browse the internet domain. Utilizing AdWords means that leads can be collected to create a focused approach on the target market that will narrow the marketing strategy to effectively point towards the target audience.

There are plenty of benefits in utilizing digital media marketing solutions and the key is normally to identify the niche market and target the approach that will pull them towards the business while leveraging the opportunity to aggressively market the products and services on offer.