Why Small Businesses Need a Marketing Calendar

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it’s important to have a marketing calendar to stay on-track with marketing efforts.


Marketing can be a complicated affair. To make effective use of the many marketing strategies and components, one must first plan them out. A marketing calendar is the best way to organize your marketing activity. It also serves as a working document that one can revise and also update throughout the year. It helps you stay consistent and organized in implementing your plans.

A marketing calendar will highlight a list of events that a business is intended to promote product efficiency with a strategy of increasing profits. To get you motivated to take that step and make one for your business, here are a few benefits.

Helps you spread out your activities

On your marketing calendar you will visually see when and what events you have lined up. If there are too many events clustered up in a week or so you can opt to spread them out. In some businesses this is normal, especially those that are seasonal. Naturally, there will be more activities when you are anticipating a busy season.

It gives you a way to spot gaps in the marketing activity

You might put in a lot of time in marketing near a busy season and leave out some customers and prospects. With marketing the main goal is to achieve top of mind awareness. Consistency and repetition are vital. You want to be sure that you do not have gaps in your calendar.

It makes evaluation easier

After a period of time you should take time and grade each of the initiative items and the individual activities. The period of time could be a year or quarter of a year, depending on what you choose. To grade the activities you could use a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being spectacular or you could use a simple A, B, C, D grading. If an initiative worked, you should grade it high. Give it a midlevel grade if it was just successful and a low grade if never worked. This is helpful when you are planning for the next year or period. You can repeat those activities that were graded highly. Fix and modify the activities that had a mid level grading and eliminate all those activities that did not work.

Provides a step by step process

Employees have a step by step process of directions that they can read and take up the tasks if there is a need. To remain competitive in this electronic savvy world you have to maintain a solid online presence. You have to invest your time and money to get the most out of it. It is important to add online marketing to your marketing strategy. You might need some assistance when it comes to digital marketing and it would be wise to turn to the experts, a digital marketing company. A digital marketing company can assist you with the following;

  • Increase your presence online
  • Integrate all your online profiles and platforms
  • They will perform a market research for you


Partnering with a Digital Marketing Company will be a safe bet for a small business. You can focus on the core activities of your business and leave digital marketing to the experts.