Learning Management Systems Meant for Business

Train customers and staff with your own custom branded e-Learning system, or turn training into a business by monetizing your own learning management system.  We will design and develop an online learning environment complete with all the tools necessary to create and manage your own LMS, and even charge for classes.  Are you a subject matter expert but need the right content to populate your online classes? We can even create easy to follow tutorials and other interactive training assets optimized to train all types of users, from tech gurus to grandma and grandpa.

Over the years the internet has become the source of learning almost anything.  When we need to know how to change our car’s oil, cook a new recipe, learn a new software program, use that cool new gadget, or simply want to learn about a new and interesting topic, we immediately search the web for relevant material, often wasting time jumping from one piece to the next.  M and M Multimedia provides all the tools you need to create your very own online learning center.  A centralized and focused LMS creates a structured curriculum assuring core concepts are not overlooked, but rather built-upon.

    • SCORM Complient
    • MOODLE Hosting
    • Course Development
    • eClassroom Rentals