Property Aerial Photo & Video

Property Aerial Photo & Video

Sometimes a birds-eye view is the only way to truly capture the essence of a property. Whether a large golf resort or a real estate listing, our aerial photo & video services will provide a world-class presentation of your property. This includes everything you need for a final polished video.



(50% Down, 50% Upon Completion)

What’s Included

  • Pre-Production
    • 1 pre-production meeting to discuss concept and plan production details (locations, schedules, etc.)
    • Develop a shot list based off of key points of interest
  • Production – 1 Location
    • 1 Videographer & Drone Operator with HD Camera (includes 2 hours onsite)
    • Video Shots based on key points of interest
    • Photos of key points of interest
  • Post Production
    • Video Review & Editing of Video Clips
    • Photo editing
  • Deliverables
    • We will provide up to 5 minutes of digital video files.
    • We will provide 10 – 15 photos

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