Strategic Alignment Doc

Strategic Alignment Doc

We highly encourage all of our digital marketing clients to develop a strategic alignment doc if they do not have one already. This provides insights into how your company should be positioned in your market, and allows us to define key market segments and messaging. It becomes our blueprint for all future marketing decisions, and allow us to define call to actions, best digital marketing channels, and media to develop to communicate your messages.



(One Time)

What’s Included

  • Alignment Strategy / Creative Brief
  • Strategic Platform – Who We Are, and Why We’re Unique
  • Branding Positioning Statement – What Our Company Stands For
  • Brand Promise – What Clients Can Expect From Us
  • Marketing / Communications Objectives – Why We Are Communicating
  • Service or Idea to be Presented – What We Are Communicating
  • Challenges / Barriers to Success – Competitive & Contextual Issues to Overcome
  • Target Audiences – Who We Want to Communicate To
  • Reason to Believe – What Makes Our Proposition Credible

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