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What you need to know about us

M&M Multimedia is more than a marketing company. We are strategic partner and catalyst for customer engagement and growth. Our goal is to move the needle by giving you real-world solutions—that includes identifying your target audiences, creating messages that speak to their needs, and ultimately converting them into loyal advocates to your company.

We get results:

Solutions you need to be successful

We operate out of our production studio located in Fort Myers, FL but our customer base expands globally. Our main focus is to help customers generate leads. This rarely works with a cookie-cutter approach which is why our vision to be a one source solution for your marketing strategy and corresponding media production needs separates us from your standard agencies.

With one call, we can help with all.

Whether you need an optimized, mobile-friendly website or professional video production…whether you want to begin ongoing paid digital marketing or define a highly targeted campaign to promote a specific event…M&M Multimedia is your one-stop shop. We strive to maximize your marketing dollar by using the right messages and channels to reach your customers. And of course, we track our results to see exactly what’s working and what’s not. We believe in transparency and giving you regular updates on data and analytics.

Our In-House Services Include

Lead Generation
Digital Marketing
Web Design & Development
Content Marketing
Social Media
Video Production
Programming and more

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